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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 15, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> it is awful and especially with the fire season that we have right now. and it is unconscionable. >> residents of the mobile home park got word fast that
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friday's fire was likely set on purpose. the fast-mog -- the fast-moving grassfire started in more than one place. >> you have multiple points of origin. the fire starts sort of simultaneously in a couple of spots and that would point to a human involvement in that. >> the fire came close to burning 100 homes. investigators plan to interview more witnesses and look for surveillance video that might be out there. they are also looking to see if friday's fire may be connected to other fires that have burned in marin county such as this one that burned five acres between marin wood and novato. >> fortunate nobody was hurt and nothing majorly was destroyed. >> sasha is thankful that flames didn't burn down his house. he hoped if he was an arsonist they were caught before someone got hurt. >> people have dogs and pets in their backyards and kids who are unattended in the backyards. >> the fire department says if
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you see anyone acting suspiciously in the open space call nan -- 9-1-1. lilian kim, abc7 news. a wildfire is threatening hundreds of homes near bakersfield. the fire near the sequoia national forest doubled in size overnight and has come within a mile of 500 homes. the fire burned more than three square miles and is 10% contained. new at 11:00, police arrested two people in a road rage shooting that killed a father in san jose. it happened nay 6th -- may 6th on center road. 37-year-old lam swerved to avoid a car in his path. he and his wife got out of their car as did the person from the other vehicle and the person shot lam. investigators eventually tracked down two suspects, 23-year-old daniel reyes and 17-year-old delfo ortiz. the teenager is being charged as an adult. california lawmakers approved a budget just hours before the midnight deadline.
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the 156 billion dollar package will include more money from medical and educational problems from -- programs from children and pays down a short pal in the teachers' pension fund and adds $1.5 billion into a rainy day fund. the governor agreed to the budget last week and is expected to approve it. as of midnight, san francisco muni operators will be without there is no word of any progress on a new deal. we are told there are no plans for another sickout tomorrow. transportation officials told abc7 news today they open to resume mediation this week. with raises. they voted down the contract next month. ferry service will be slow this week. the solano ferry is out for 10 days for planned maintenance and the ferry out for repairs. buses will run from vallejo at
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7:00 and 4:05 and san francisco at 8:30 and 4:15. a man was found dead on stanford university's campus. he was found unconscious early this afternoon at the zhan -- xanadu house. they have not revealed the cause of death. a man drowned while fishing in antioch. police say he was with friends near the marina when he waded into the water to untangle a fishing line. the 52-year-old from oakland sliped and hit his head on a rock and drowned before friends could get to him. one man was killed and another wounded in a shooting in oakland. they found the man at 103rd avenue and plymouth street around 2:30. the one victim was dead and the other taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. two suspects were seen running toward plymouth. and in baghdad the situation is so dangerous some
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staff members have been moved to jordan. steps are being taken because of scenes like these. they confirmed these images of iraqi soldiers being tied up and shot. they say they are authentic. the iraqi prime minister is vowing to liberate every inch of captured territory and ordered rocket attacks on the terrorists. stay with abc7 news for the latest on the crisis in iraq. updates on our website, and on the abc7 morning news at 4:30 tomorrow morning. the f.a.a. is investigating a potentially deadly mishap with a plane in atlanta. an air traffic controller said to circle the airport and then seconds later he said he was joking. >> in all of my years of aviation i never heard of a situation quite like this. the controller was trying to make a joke, but i don't think you can do that. i don't think it was a hazard,
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but there could have been a conflict. >> it landed safely on the second approach. turning now to weather, let's take a live look outside. the view from our exploratorium camera and abc7 news meteorologist with a first check of the weather and live doppler 7hd. hi, francis. >> hi, katie. we are seeing increased cloud cover with live doppler 7hd. the on shore flow has allowed temperatures to tumble today and you can see the sea breeze there as we look from the roof camera out toward the exploratorium. let me talk about highs. livermore hit a high of 79 and 3 dries cooler -- 3 degrees cooler than average. many areas were cooler than average and your neighborhood temperatures and the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. katie? >> thank you, francis. check this out. it is the catch of the day and it has gone viral. a giants fan holding a baby caught a homerun ball with one hand. sergio tracked down the giants
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fan and has the story for us now. >> is it was not good for the giants, but it was good for the giants fan. without skipping a beat he reached up and caught the ball while holding a baby in his arms. let's watch that a in slow motion. he reaches up and catches the high flyball and then walks back to his seat. >> i was talking to gary the usher and saw the ball was hit that way and stepped up and reached up and caught it and went back to the seat. >> he was away from his seat for a couple of minutes. he was changing his son's diaper. the catch happened so fast his wife didn't even see it happen. >> he hands me the ball and he was like, oh, he did catch that. >> this one handed catch with a kid in tow is the second one this weekend at at&t park. during saturday's match up, another giants fan caught a
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foul ball while holding a child in one arm. he is a hard core giants fan and he has the tickets to prove it. it is father's day and in that spirit he was happy to help another new father out. >> he wanted the ball back and gave him the ball and he gave me an autographed ball. >> the signed ball will be added to the family collection of baseball memorabilia. >> i got a ball signed by left ego meze. lefty gomez. i hope this will be a great memory for thomas. >> the rockies won this game, but the giants' fan stole their thunder. abc7 news. >> such a great story and a happy father's day to the dads. still to come. >> keep your feet in the ground and keep reaching for the stars. >> the final signoff for casey
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kasem and his history in the bay area. and a cup of joe and a college education? why starbucks is footing the bill for thousands to go to school. and later, new insight into beau bergdahl. a soldier from california speaks out when abc news at
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there's no end in sight! i'm going to need more time. hospital in washington state. red roses have been placed at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. los angeles may be where his career took him, but his success was born in the bay area.
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>> you made this one number nine. >> from the old bermuda building in 1962, a not yet 30-year-old casey kasem presided over his program "casey at the mic." he said it was at kewb that kasem revived the idea of a countdown show and of course there was the voice which at the time was considered off the mark. >> here was a guy with an every man voice. he was kind of middle range. he called his own voice garbage meaning it was a little horse and husky. not a smooth bear -- barritone announcer voice. >> these are america's hottest his of the hottest stars. >> he was born in detroit, michigan and never intended to spin records. >> i wanted to be a baseball player and actor, but not a disk jockey. >> everywhere he turned there
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was a radio. from starting his own high school sports radio show to worked forearmed forces radio in korea. his big break was after a series of dj jobs across the u.s. on july 4th, 1970, "american top 40" launched hee. was radio pioneer with a sentimental side. >> a long distance des location from patty to roger jie. and an animated side. his most famous character, shaggy from scooby doo. >> here it comes, an aerial attack. >> the many voices of casey kasem gone. but during hisless show he said goodbye to his fans the best way he knew how. >> keep your feet in the ground and keep reaching for the stars. >> he retired from radio and tv in 2004. he leater developed -- later developed parkinson's and dementia and his health and care that lead to a bitter family feud between his second wife and his three oldest children. casey kasem was 82. today hundreds of people in san francisco honored the
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life and legacy of maya angelou at glide memorial church. she grew up in the bay area and was a longstanding member. she graduated from mission high school and was the first black female street car conductor. she was an influential celebrated author. city leaders look to her for guidance. >> on every occasion when i interacted with her she reminded me of what i was doing wrong. >> angelou's oldest son told the congregation she considered san francisco home. a technical glitch at target stores caused big delays at the check outlines. target apologized for the problem. a spokeswoman said the glitch was not related to anyone hacking into the system. target suffered a breech of the payment systems last year. a free college education is as close as working at starbucks. starbucks is pairing up with arizona state university to provide a free on-line college
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education. the program is open to any of the company's u.s. employee if they work 20 hours a week and have the grades and test scores to gain admission. now let's check the forecast on this father's day night with meteorologist francis. >> things are cooling down. live doppler 7hd is showing you more cloud cover all-around the bay area with a stronger sea breeze. in fact, the winds right now have been gusting to 33 miles per hour from the west at sfo. even over 30 miles an hour concord and fairfield. that allowed the temperatures to take a tumble. here is a look toward the financial area. san francisco 54 and oakland 58 and san carlos 57. san jose 61 and morgan hill and half moon bay a in the mid50s. this time as we look west from emeryville we will show you more temperatures. santa rosa 61 and napa and novato upper 50s and fairfield is at 61.
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upper 50s for concord and livermore. you definitely see the wind blowing over the exploratorium. so we will see increasing clouds overnight. the coolest day will be monday. tomorrow even cooler and warming up midweek. so we have this area of low pressure and the jet stream over us. that allowed the on shore winds to pick up and then we will see cooler air tomorrow as the trough dips south. the high pressure hillary gain on tuesday and wednesday. this will be in the upper 40 tots low 50s. 53 in oakland and in san jose. now tomorrow morning we will wake up to more extensive cloud cover spilling into the bay and parts of the east bay as well. and then the clouds will pull back and we wut sue -- we wilt see more sunshine. 50s on the coast and 60s
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on the bay and 70s inland. 80s are gone unless you head toward central california. tomorrow it is 72. yesterday to give you an idea it was 88 in san jose. tomorrow, monday, upper 60s through san mateo and palo alto. san francisco 62. look for north bay numbers in the 60s and in the east bay comfortable, but you will notice it has come into the mid60s for the most part, 66 in oakland. and east bay numbers are warm. upper 70s the warmest locations. 78 brentwood and mid70s through walnut creek. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. even cooler tomorrow. that's the coolest day of the week. tuesday and wednesday are the warmest day and then another cooling trend.
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we go down to thursday on the first day of summer before we warm up on sunday. that doesn't seem quite right for it to be cool on the first day of summer. >> and it is still comfortable for us. it is a minor fluctuation of temperatures throughout the week. >> no complaints. >> thank you, francis. >> sports now and shu the end of the season. >> the nba a is over. the san antonio spurs as they throttle the miami heat in the nba finals lead by series mvp kawhi leonard. the spurs win in convincing fashion. highlights andly action next in
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♪ showed the world they were the best team. lebron james tried to put the team on his shoulders with 17 first quarter points, but here is a put back jam. a 16-point lead in the first quarter. lebron had 31.
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the spurs answer. 12 straight points and kawhi leonard with three of his team high 32 points. spurs dominated the second quarter. they capped off a 14-0 spurs run . spurs out scored miami 25-11 and the second lead by 7 at the half the spurs go on to score 18. the spurs win it for the fifth time in franchise history. 104-87 out scoring the heat 14 her game and the largest differential in finals history. >> i was just happy and just had faith throughout the whole game. i didn't think i was about to win an mvp in the finals. >> what helped us, helped us drive and stay focused for an extended period of time. we could have reacted in different ways and to come out
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with the championship is amazing. >> pretty cool father's day there. 114th u.s. open was a one man show. martin kymer was the seventh player to lead it wire to wire for a second major title. he is the seventh international player in the last 10 opens to win this event. kymer selling the green with the lpga player. jack johnson tied for fourthth, but the shot of the day, the par three 9th and 172 yards and it will go right in the cup for a hole in one. almost knocked himself out. rickie fowler makes a run and makes a long putt, and finished one under. the two-time heart transplant recipient knocked in the birdie at 10. kymer was in control. never threatened. birdie on 14. he shot a one under 69 and lead by eight strokes. he honored his late mother after winning the players
11:26 pm
championship on married. today he made dad proud. >> that i could win on mother's day four or five weeks ago. our father's day was a couple weeks ago in germany. didn't get anything for my father that day, so maybe that works. >> we will take a brief timeout before we hit the diamond where the giants were swept by the rockies. derrick norris who loves parental holiday home runs. we'll explain as
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first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home for the first time. father's day. derrick norris hit two,
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three-run homers on married and now did it again on father's day. he is the holiday homerun king. derek jeter playing in his final home game, and that is all of the love he got. as i mentioned, he crushes a three-run shot in the first. and then in the second, coco crisp and a three-run shot of his own. it is his fifth of the season. the bottom of four and he snaps an 0 for 33 -- no, gentry getting beamed in the head and they score on that run. the a's will go on to win it 10-5. they host texas tomorrow night. rockies trying to sweep the giants on father's day. tula wit ski crushes the homerun. we did the story earlier and then act like nothing happens top of four and the foul tip
11:31 pm
right in the mask of buster posey. after back to back jacks, madison bumgarner with a shot of his own. giants up 6-3. the bull pen -- bull pen struggles. he takes lopez opposite ways. giants lose it 8-7 and are swept at home for the first time this year losing six of the last seven at home. world cup soccer coming up later in the newscast and stay tuned for some futbol. >> wouldn't go anywhere. >> sticking with sports, can sports keep crime at bay? crime goes down and the game goes on. and they are called the underdogs, but the u.s. says they are ready. the prep behind tomorrow's
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i'm in for ama dates. police have arrested two people suspected of killing a father last month. lam was shot after a near accident. investigators announced the arrest of a 23-year-old and 17-year-old from san jose. the teenager has been charged as an adult. authorities in san rafael believe an arsonist may be to blame for a fire set on friday. it began in more than one place and flames burned close to dozens of homes. investigators are trying to determine if another fire started today if novato is connected. muni operators will be working out a contract, but don't expect a sickout to affect service.
11:36 pm
mediation on a new contract will begin this week. for now there are no plans for workers to call in sick. a policeman in brazil was caught on video firing what appears to be a live round another anti-world cup protesters. it raped in rio deja narrow. he dash rio de janeiro. police fired teargas and stun grenades, but there were no reports of injuries. it is a matter of hours until team usa takes to the field in its first world cup game. abc news reporter paula ferris has the story. >> there were small evacuations and small landslides, but for the first time since team usa arrived there, the sun was shining. their spirits were too. >> we prepared the best we can and we are ready for it. >> they face an uphill if not impossible battle. ghana, portugal and then germany. >> do you think the u.s. has a good chance of getting out of
11:37 pm
their group? >> this u.s. team does their best when there are low expectations. >> do you think the u.s. team is under rated? >> fans back home will be glued to the screen too. a crowd of thousands watching. >> and every moment counts. the swiss scoring with seconds left. and they even suggested that somebody was spying on his team's practice with a drone over the field. they are investigating this incident, but they offered surveillance drones to all 32 teams for the sole purpose of stability. she will have highlights coming up in sports. abc7 is the only place to watch the world cup live next saturday . you can watch belgium play
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russia followed by south korea and algeria. don't miss a moment of the world cup action with watch abc. it lets you watch matches on your smartphone, tablet or computer. tonight a former platoon mate of beau bergdahl talks about the man who suddenly disappeared five years ago. he served with bergdahl in afghanistan. he said when they interacted bergdahl was quiet and would rarely share personal information. there were signs he would leave the platoon which he did in 2009. >> he mentioned i want to walk to india. i want to disappear off the grid. you don't think someone will walk off in the middle of afghanistan. he is still a member of the army and undergoing mental rehabilitation. he has not seen his family. hundreds of families have been forced out of their homes
11:39 pm
near bakersfield. it is just 10% contained right now. here is clayton sandal. >> the wall of fire is moving over the hill. 300 firefighters and more on the way are trying to hold it back. but tonight they are against the wind. >> it has been very hot and the winds are slightly erratic. that's the toughest challenge we have. >> the fire started burning on fry dye near the town of wolford heights northeast of los angeles. residents have been watching the fire grow all weekend. 500 homes now evacuated and others are getting ready in ways they get that dreaded order to get out. >> we talked about what we would grab. i put all of my stuff in the truck in case. >> helicopters like this one are getting more water from a nearby lake. jew you can see the -- >> you can see the smoke from the fire. it is windy and dry.
11:40 pm
they have 10% containment on the fire and no homes have burned. >> the fires burned more than three square miles. an arizona priest is expected to recover after being badly beaten in an attack that left another priest dead. the reverend joseph tara was moved out of intensive care. he was graduate of loy -- lod high. he and another reverend was attacked and walker was shot to death. the attack may have mapped during a robbery. -- may have happened during a robbery. next will be what many are calling an anti-gay rally. in front of st. agnes church people hatded out fliers asking parishioners to tell him not to make an appearance. he was a leader in the campaign for proposition 8 and the anti-gay marriage
11:41 pm
initiative. >> i don't think it has anything to do with sensorship, but i think that as a religious leader he is called to be pastoral first and called to be welcoming and inlieu sigh -- and inclusive. >> thursday's rally is sponsored by national organization of marriage. >> a bay area man has paid to be killed. and the game that could help improve your eyesight. how it works coming up. >> i'm in the accu-weather center and cooler temperatures tomorrow. if you are traveling i will show you where you can expect weather-related travel delays.
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gave the commencement address at stanford and they poked fun at the university's reputation. >> some people call you all nerds and we claim that label with pride. >> well, so do we. >> what they love most is the farm. they say it can solve every problem. >> a a new study -- a new
11:45 pm
study suggests they are too busy watching the game than commit crimes. they looked at crime trends in chicago and found there is 15% less crime than when games are on tv. the trend continues three hours after the game is over. they see crime as recreation and not just a means to make money. >> virtual reality is seen as the front in video games. their devices are now being used for applications far beyond entertainment. jonathon bloom shows us how they are helping people see in real life. >> they are playing with some of the coolest on the planet. he is doing more than just playing. >> my brain is relearning how to see. >> he was born with crossed eyes. there is surgery for that, but it doesn't fix the brain.
11:46 pm
>> i have had double vision my whole life. >> he is not alone. it affects 20 million people. >> i was born with a lazy eye. >> he tried everything before creating this computer game that it means double vision and thought it would help his eyes work together and he had no idea how right he was. >> the moment i first saw in three d right away was the moment i dropped everything else and started working on it it full time. >> researchers were studying it for years. because it has two discreet eye pieces and images it was particularly made for this. >> we send more stimulus to the weak eye in order to basic looy trick the brain into start using it. >> they showed us how it puts the ball in one eye and the paddle in the other. if you want to score points your eyes have to lineup. >> i am trying to hit the ball. >> over time he has become a pro at it.
11:47 pm
>> what is more remarkable is the lasting effect. >> i was able to gain 3-d vision not just in reality, but the real world. >> the world is a different place. it becomes more beautiful and there is more detail. i can see things faster. >> though the game is not out yet, they are looking for people to take part in a university study. >> what is amazing is 20 million people will be helped by this. >> abc7 news. >> a san francisco man spent $27,000 to be killed in a popular series. he raffled off two spots for charity. he made $20,000 to see himself made into a character and killed off. there is a spot for one female donor. the money will go toward a wolf sanctuary in new mexico. now back over to francis for a check of the forecast for the next workweek.
11:48 pm
>> here is a look at live doppler 7hd showing us the clouds that will move in overnight and bring us the cooler temperatures tomorrow. if you are traveling around the nation look for flight delays through parts of the midwest minneapolis got 1.8 inches of rain. we can see thunderstorms in parts of florida. mild though in new york. 81 and sunny in the middle of the country. showers through seattle and portland. low 60s for you there. look for temperatures to be cooler. this is a central valley in california. 80sand 60s in monterey. cooler compared to today. 62 in san francisco and 72 in san jose. 66 in oakland. here is the temperature trends. we will be cooler than average, warmest midweek and you will see the trend in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. monday will be the coolest day of the workweek.
11:49 pm
>> thank you. to the soccer forecast now. >> world cup action with argentine superstar leo messie on the pip. highlights of all of today's games next in sports.
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11:51 pm
group e pulled off a win over
11:52 pm
ecuador. they came in ranked number 6 in the world. he heads it in the corner. ties the match at one. they were headed for a draw, but three minutes in and often the cross and bangs home the winner. 2-1 to take the three points. in argentina. air jn tina -- argentina gets on the board. 65th minute and he does this thing like a magician. scores. he's good. argentina goes on to win it 2-1. gets his second yellow card of the match. two yellow equal a red and he is gone. converts the penalty kick and adds two more. the 114th u.s. open was a
11:53 pm
one-man show. martin kymer was the seventh player to lead the open wire to wire for a second major title. lpga tour and they are sharing the putting green here. the shot of the day look at this roll and he is right on-line. a hole in one and almost knocked himself out with the club. a the par 4 fourth it was for a double bogey. w45* a story. the two-time heart transplant knocked in the birdie at 10. two over 72 and kymer total control. he shot a one under 69. cap itself with a 10 footer and today he made his dad proud.
11:54 pm
>> i could win on mother's day four or five weeks ago and oir father's day was a couple weeks ago in germany, and i didn't get anything for my father that day so maybe it works. >> great tournament. the spurs are the best team in the nba for twot 014 season. 2014 season. they claim the nba title. lebron tried to put the team on his shoulders. he had 17 points in the first quarter including this put back jam. the spurs answer with 12 straight and series mvp kawhi leonard with three of his 22. the spurs dominate the second and cops off a 14-0 run. they lead it at the half. third quarter and dwyane wade rejection while the spurs go on a scoring tear. ginobili adds a 3. 18-point lead and the spurs win for the fifth time in franchise history. 104-87 out scoring the heat 14 points per game, the largest
11:55 pm
differential in finals history. a's and yankees on father's day. derrick norris loves these holidays. two, three-run homers on mother's day and more on feater. derek jeter in his final game in oakland. they gave him a bottle of wine and a check for his foundation, but that's all the love he got. norris loves a parental holiday. coco crisp says i got a shot on my bat. bottom of four and josh donaldson is 0 for 33. a's lead it after four. winning three of the last four and they will host texas tomorrow night. rockies trying to sweep the giants. 18th homerun of the year, but check out this catch. baby in one hand and dad bare
11:56 pm
hands the ball and acts like nothing happens. giants lead it 3-2. top of four and the foul tip. he finishes the inning, but he left before he could bat. after back to back jacks from sanchez and bumgarner helped his own cause. giants up 6-3, but for the third straight game the bull pen struggled. he takes lopez the opposite way. giants are swept and have the last six of seven at home. the michigan speedway this week. he finished fourth. the first lap of the race. he hits the wall and slams into straff advice. so is jimmie johnson. his third win in the last four races. the win was nice and the hug gore dad -- and the hug for
11:57 pm
dad with the cherry on top. l.a. kings win the title. martin kymer with world cup action and not a bad weekend in sports. i will guess crime is down. >> that's right. when the game is on, and we had lots of games on. >> thanks, shu. >> that does it for us. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for mike shumann and fran advice, thank you for joining us. the news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. have a great night and a
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starting right now on abc's "this week" -- breaking news. crisis in iraq. extremist fighters, now minutes from the capital, will we be drawn back into war? plus, the surprising threat to the u.s. this morning martha raddatz on the ground in baghdad. then, political shocker. >> we came up short.


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